Coffee Explosion

Coffee Explosion

Pictured: Lake Toba – Ethiopia

Our coffee selection is expanding and we’re very proud of it! Offerings include many high end, specialty coffees at the best prices available. Feel free to do your own research on price. But we know you’ll come back.

La Magnolia
This is the longest running single origin(From one specific coffee bean) that we offer. It’s still around because it’s classic Costa Rican coffee.

Taste: Starts with a recognizably sweet and floral aroma, and has clean acidity, medium body and intense yet delicate flavors of citrus, maple, and honeysuckle.

This excellent offering from Guatemala is an organically grown Bird Friendly coffee certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. This guarantees only the finest socially, ecologically, and economically responsible coffees coming out of the region, and in the world. This excellent coffee gives peace of mind at a great price.

Taste: We roast it medium which brings out the bright, citric acidity of lemon grass tea that gives way to the deeper fruity orange/apricot flavors, finishing with a great subtle floral peach blossom note.

Sumatra – Mutu Batak
This selection is grown in the Northern Sumatra Province around the Lintong region on shore of Lake Toba the largest volcanic lake in the world. The volcanic loam soil in the region is perfect for producing exceptional coffees. Made on small farms with close control to every plant. Please do your research and you’ll find our price and quality is above the competition.

Taste: The first thing to hit you is the heavy, rich body and syrupy mouth feel. The pleasant flavor of raisins and currant give way to the hints of cocoa and a nice cedar wood finish.

Ethiopia – Sidamo
Ethiopia is where it all started. In fact, it’s thought that the first ever Arabica coffee plants grew somewhere around the Sidamo region in Ethiopia. The beans that grow there today still maintain a certain wildness when it comes to flavor and acidity. This is the Model T of coffee and sometimes they get it right the first time.

Taste: The coffee has a delicate soft body perfectly balanced with the lemony citric acidity. Main flavor notes are fresh tea leaves with apricot blossoms for a nice floral finish much like many of the Ethiopian coffees produced in the Yirgacheffe region.

Kenya – Kiawanduma
Quality Kenyan coffee has become scarce over the last few years with political uncertainty and rising housing development numbers in the region. We have found a way to bring an exceptional(My personal favorite) coffee at a low price.

Taste: AMAZING! This coffee has a clean crisp orange blossom flavor, buttery and rich with cinnamon-spice under tones exciting all of the senses with its fantastic floral aroma. This coffee brings out a different flavor hint every time you try it.

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