Why Drink a Blended Coffee?

Why Drink a Blended Coffee?

Here’s Why!

With all the beautiful single origin micro-lot coffees available just about anywhere these day, why drink a blended coffee?

When you have worked in the coffee industry as long as I have, the opportunity to try many different types is just a part of the life of a Craft Coffee Roaster. The exciting and exotic growing regions across the globe each yield their special fruit with characteristic flavors. This is due to the different environmental conditions and milling techniques specific to the area.

You often get the chance to enjoy an excellent nutty, rich, Brazil or a brilliant, fruity, Rwanda. So different from one another, each easily identifiable to an experienced coffee taster. But something is missing…balance! That is where the blending comes in. Roasting samples and tasting many different lots of green coffee and selecting only the finest, each with flavor profiles that compliment each other can be a daunting task. But the result is so worth it! When that first morning cup is clean, bright, and perfectly balanced there is nothing better. Vibrant acidity at the start, pleasing mid range cocoa and chocolate notes, followed with the crisp, spicy tones at the finish, with none of the flavors overwhelming the others…now THAT is a great cup of coffee!

At Thomas, we take great pride in our flagship Premium BlendThe amount of work and care we put into each batch can only be realized by trying a cup. Even the most discerning coffee drinkers will appreciate the complexity and balance of this excellent blend.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I try many different kinds coffees each week and I think you should too! Explore and learn about the amazing ways of the MIGHTY BEAN! But, Premium Blend is still my “go to” coffee when I want to brew that great pot of coffee on Sunday morning and just relax.

Just try it, and let us know what you think, Better yet, stop by the Roasting Plant and have a cup with me. Then I’ll talk your ear off about coffee!!

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