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Umoja Wetu is Swahili for Our Unity.

A really nice organic and Fair Trade certified coffee. The flavor of this coffee is clean and bright. It starts with a flowery date/black currant flavor transforming into a rich cocoa finish. sugary mouth feel with great body.

It is the name of the co-op in South Kivu where the producers grow the coffee and other crops for export. Coffee production is a fairly new venture in Congo. In a joint effort with a Uganda coffee exporter there are wet mills being built in central locations for the growers to take their crop to for processing. Because of the addition of the mills the quality of coffee has increased dramatically. They also provide farmer training for proper growing methods and harvesting. This coffee is fair trade and farmers producing high quality get monetary and property incentives based on their production.


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Varietal Heirloom Bourbon

Light/Medium Roast

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Elevation: 1400-1700 m
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